Visual explanation of Yesterday's Weather

Yesterday’s Weather is web and mobile app made by Drew Thomas that compares today’s weather with yesterday’s weather, in a friendly sentence.

For example:

I interviewed Drew to learn how he made the app and created a visual explanation on my iPad.

Web app

  • You start by entering your ZIP code into a website made with Bubble.
  • Bubble sends your ZIP code to the Yesterday’s Weather API (made by Drew with PHP).
  • The YW API uses your ZIP code to find your location in latitude and longitude and sends that data back to Bubble.

  • Next, Bubble sends your location (in lat. and long.) to the Dark Sky API
  • The Dark Sky API sends the weather for your location back to Bubble.
  • Bubble displays today’s weather as a sentence

Mobile app

  • When you open the YW mobile app (made with Tunkable) it uses your phone’s GPS to get your location (no need to enter this data manually)
  • YW also stores your location locally so that it doesn’t need to check your location all the time
  • YW sends your location to the Dark Sky API.
  • The Dark Sky API sends the weather for your location back to the app.
  • Again, YW displays today’s weather as a sentence.

The mobile app is available for iOS and Android.


Here’s a time lapse of me drawing the whole thing.

Made for Drew Thomas.


  • Adobe Fresco (iPad)