Capture key insights and ideas at your next event

Most events are full of valuable insights and interesting ideas. The problem is that these insights and ideas aren’t necessary on a speaker’s slides (if they have slides). Sure you can take a video, but that means a lot of fast forwarding just to rewatch one or two highlights.

Visual note-taking is a powerful way to capture, share and review the most important and impactful parts of any talk or panel.

Visual notes

  • Are a fun way to share insights and ideas with attendees
  • Are easy to browse and understand (you have to read an entire written note to understand what it’s about)
  • Get heaps of likes, shares and comments on social media
  • Can be reused in blog posts and Medium articles

Plus, I take visual notes on my iPad Pro so the notes are digital. This means they can be shared instantly or resized for posters or other formats. No need to take photos of a flip cart, reflective whiteboard or notebook. Notes can even be exported as short time-lapse animations that show each stroke being drawing.

What do visual notes look like?

Product design

Visual note-taking product design

Financial services

Visual note-taking health insurance

Health insurance

Visual note-taking financial services

Who takes visual notes?

Hi I’m Blair Rorani. I’ve been taking visual notes on my iPad since 2010. Over the years I’ve turned hundreds of insights and ideas from conferences and other events, into clear, engaging visuals.

Visual note-taking on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

"Blair's ability as a visual thinker is exceptional. His skill to take complex information and distil it down to a visual graphic is like watching a magician."
Reece F. (CXO, Swarm)

How does visual note-taking work?

  1. I start by listening to who ever is speaking.
  2. Next, I capture key insights and ideas using simple visuals.
  3. Then, I share the images with you via Dropbox (or your preferred file sharing service)

If you’d like some of the notes turned into A3 posters for your speakers or to hang around the office, I can do that for you too.

What industries can benefit from visual note-taking?

All of them. About 75% of the human brain is dedicated to processing visual information so it makes sense to make information as visual as possible no matter which industry you’re in.

I’m on board, what does this cost?

  • $500 (+ GST) for half a day
  • You can book as many half days as you like (a one-day event = two half days).

Note: Fees are pre-paid when your booking is confirmed.

Make a booking

Send me an email to [email protected] with:

  • your contact details
  • the name, date and location of your event
  • an overview of your event

I’ll get back to you within two business days.