Software education

Get your users started, up to speed and unstuck with your software


I’m building a series of short lessons on the what and why of software education.

Who is this for?

These lessons are designed for customer success, customer education, and internal learning and development teams. They can be applied to desktop, web, or mobile apps or a specific technology, e.g. mobile, cloud, IoT, ML/AI, web3.

What will you learn?

Lesson titles will turn into links as lessons are published.

  • 1. Guided practice
  • 2. Flow: Skills (levels)
  • 3. Flow: Challenges (levels)
  • 4. Feedback
  • 5. Guide: Information (context, definitions)
  • 6. Guide: Decisions (logic)
  • 7. Guide: Actions (instructions)
  • 8. Visuals
  • 9. Story: Information
  • 10. Story: Challenges
  • 11. Bonus lesson: Example


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