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Blair is a design strategist, facilitator and coach. He helps team transform the way they work by designing new processes, software and educational resources.

He has over 14 years experience working on transformation and capability projects across a range of industries.

Design strategist

Blair uses the power of design thinking and visual storytelling to connect strategy with everyday execution. This means that people at all levels of your organisation can come together to design new processes and software for getting work done.

Blair Rorani's design sprint masterclass certificate


He is a certified design sprint facilitator (via AJ&Smart, and Jake Knapp the inventor of the design sprint). This means that he can help your team get clarity and alignment on a challenge they are facing and then design and test solutions, in a short period of time.

Blair Rorani's design sprint masterclass certificate


Blair has contributed as a speaker, workshop facilitator, illustrator and judge to industry events, publications and awards.

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## What's next? Don't get me wrong: designing educational things is awesome. However, most organisations rely on training (in all its forms) to compensate for unclear, overly complicated processes and business software that is hard to use. Now, instead of just visualising and explaining systems and processes after they are designed, I'm using my skill set to help teams visualise and design better systems and processes using workflow automation. If that sounds interesting or valuable to you, then check out [what I'm doing next](