Make Your Website Work on Mobile Phones

Whether or not you have a website I can make sure it’s easy for people to view and interact with it on their mobile devices. Plus it will look cool.

That's what I want!

Example A

This website isn’t mobile-friendly

![mobile-unfriendly website on mobile phone not using responsive web design](/images/mobile-unfriendly-website.png)

See how part of the page is cut off on a smaller screen?

Example B

This website is mobile-friendly.

![mobile-friendly website on mobile phone using responsive web design](/images/mobile-friendly-website.png)

Ahh, that feels better :)

Pop quiz

Keanu Reeves talking on a pay phone in the movie Speed from the 90s - yeah!

Pretend you are a customer.

Which website would you rather use - A or B?

  • If you said A then please click here.
  • If you said B then let’s arrange a time to discuss your project.

Hello I’m Blair. I’ve been building websites for over a decade. These days I only build websites on a referral basis. That means someone I know must have sent you to this page :) Kia ora!

As you’ve learnt today, websites need to work on smaller phone or phablet screens. They also need to look good on the larger displays.

Proof is in the pudding

Here are a couply websites I’ve built recently:

Remember: These websites look and work the way they do because that’s what the clients wanted. Your site can look however you want it to, we’ll sort that out as part of the process.

Next steps

Build me an awesome website

PS: If you think there’s a slight chance that your project might turn out like this then maybe don’t click the button above :)


What will it cost?

  • A website like this costs $1,500.
  • A one page website like this (I didn’t make this one) costs $500.
  • Need a logo? I can design a proper logo that you can use anywhere at any size for $250.

Can we meet in person

All work is done via Skype, Facebook messeger or email. That’s right - 100% remote.

Are you a real person?

Yes I am.

OK so where do you live?

Sydney, Australia.


  • These prices are half-price because you were referred to me by a friend.
  • Prices are in AUD if you live in Australia and NZD if you live in Aotearoa and USD if you live in the States. GST only applies if you live in Australia.
  • All work includes a set of hand-drawn sketches, a final draft and a final version. That means you get two chances to make changes.