How can I help you?

Need an interesting speaker for your conference?

I speak and run workshops at popular conferences and interesting workplaces on the following topics:

  • creative instructional design
  • visual communication
  • smart workplaces
  • being more creative


Here are some slides from a recent talk I gave in Melbourne, Australia.

See more examples.

What the people say:

"Fantastic I wanted to spend the whole day doing this!"
"Best workshop of the conference - very valuable."
"Great, meaningful, practical stuff engaging presenter giving a master class in his craft."
"Thinking of leaving the conference and then along came Blair Rorani!! Great session!"
"Lots of participant interaction, and thank you Blair - passion!! Loved it!"
"Fabulous session. Beautiful materials. Really appreciated being walked through process of creating a visual story. I'm really excited about using what I learned in this session."

Want to book me to speak or teach?

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Visual note-taking for conferences and important meetings

You've got a bunch of smart people together and you put them on a stage. Don't let their best ideas turn into a pages of scribbled notes that are never looked at again.

Sure you can share the slides but most slides are boring, plus the magic is in the speaker and their delivery. Videos are cool if you want to go to the effort, but your audience has to fast forward to just see the key points.

Capture fresh thinking and inspiring quotes as visual notes

Visual notes are:

  • More interesting to look at
  • More enjoyable to review
  • Easily understood at a glance
  • More likely to live on compared to list of bullets.
  • Easily shared via social media
  • A great value add for your audience
  • Awesome posters around the office!


See more examples.

How it works

You let me know when your conference or meeting is on. On the day I just need a place to sit with power and some free wi-fi.

I watch, listen and draw visual notes of key points and interesting ideas. For example, if everyone laughs about something then I'll draw whatever that was.

I share pictures via Dropbox or email as I draw and someone on your team can share them on your social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc).

What you get

Within 48 hours after the conference you get:

  • Hi-res the images to download
  • A3 posters of up to 10 of your favourite visual notes
  • I can teach everyone how take visual notes at the start of your conference (optional extra)


$500 for half day or $800 for a full day of visual note-taking, hi-res images and A3 posters.

+ $100 for a 30 minute visual note-taking lesson for your audience.

Want me to draw your next conference?

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Learn visual note-taking

Want to learn how to take awesome visual notes instead of creating lists of bullet points?

I love teaching people how to take visual notes.

Get your team together for an action packed brown bag session where you’ll learn:

  • Why visual note-taking is so powerful
  • What to listen for when you take notes
  • How to turn what you hear into pictures
  • How to draw using your iPad

How does it work?

I can come to you if you’re in Sydney. You bring something to draw with and your iPad if you have one (stylus optional).


45 minutes, usually on a Friday at lunchtime.


$100 for small teams (up to 10 people)

Call Blair on +61450105261 or email

Make your training more effective

Turn mind-numbing slides, click-and-read elearning, and big fat manuals, into challenges, levels, hands-on activities, digital tools, and visual job-aids.

Make your communication more engaging

Transform wordy emails, liven up team briefings, clarify complex information, and engage stakeholders with animated videos, visual slide packs, icons, and infographics.