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Even stranger things

Blair wrote this on 07 Feb

Yes. One of my favourite things from 2016 is coming back this Halloween - Stranger Things Season 2 on Netflix.

Although I’m definitely not into horror movies, for me Stranger Things was more like X-Files, ET, Super 8, and Cloverfield all rolled into one. I felt there was more mystery to be solved vs. jump scares and people getting killed (which was only really alluded to vs. shown in gross detail). So my kind of show.

Here’s one of my other favourite things from 2016 - Millie Bobby Brown (killer name) rapping on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

FF to 4:10

If you’re super into Stranger Things, you might also want to check out Stranger Games by @joeycato. It’s a fun re-imaging of Stranger Things as playable video games from 1983. Having grown up in the 80s these graphics are pretty legit, as is the static on the TV (because you had to tune the channels in manually with a dial plus you had the very sensitive rabbit ears on top of your TV).


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