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The indie draw-a-thon

Blair wrote this on 20 Apr


As you may have know, I ran a Twitter draw-a-thon at the end of March.

It ran for 15 days and there was a special surprise at the end for those who followed along.

However, it turns out some tweeps enjoyed it so much that they couldn’t stop drawing. Led by @elearningjeff and @ashi_tandon people have been continuing to set daily drawing challenges for themselves and sharing the results on Twitter.

This is awesome for two reasons:

  • Everybody can benefit from drawing more.
  • Something that started as a fun idea has caught on and people are running with it.

I’m calling it the indie draw-a-thon because a small community of dedicated drawers have taken over where I left off and are driving the drawing themselves. Nice work.

Want to brush up on your drawing skills? Join the indie draw-a-thon. Just follow the #everybodydrawnow hashtag and you’ll see a different picture to draw each day.


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